Monday, September 1, 2014

Told You So...

I think we all knew it was coming...

So it's really no surprise now, is it?

I couldn't stop at one.

So two more bears have been created. A panda in the same design as my Hudson Polar Bear except  for the eye patches and body colourwork that I made more "panda-ish".

But he isn't named yet - any suggestions?

For my third bear, I stuck more closely to Kay's pattern (at the Bakery Bears podcast). I made him standing up so I could also knit his clothes (included in her pattern). I had never done a neck opening before (casting off and casting on again) or pants (casting off one leg and going back later to finish it), so it's not only been great fun making these, but educational too!

The only modifications I made to her pattern was the extra piece in each ear to make an inside colour and the arms - they swivel and I made lighter paws to match his lighter muzzle and inner ears.

I again used coloured beads for his eyes - each bear has a different hue: Hudson's are blue, Panda's are yellow and this guy's are green.

He too needs a name.... what would you call him?


  1. I don't know why, but Polly Panda came to mind. The eyes look female to me. I'd name the bear Russell, but that's just b/c I call him Bear. lol

  2. Maureen, it is amazing that you only recently learned to knit and you are already making things like this. Those bears are adorable!!
    Hmm... I think the brown one looks like a Buddy and the Panda is Lu-Lu.

  3. The panda I would call Verity and the Bear Mason.

  4. They are absolutely adorable! Hmm, I'm liking the names that Kathy suggested.


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