Monday, September 16, 2013

Halloween Apothecary - Part Five

Well, today's post won't be too long, as there is less to talk about on the right side of the apothecary cabinet.

Here are links to the first four parts to this story:

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Halloween Apothecary - Part Four

I have already explained how I made the teenie set of scales... the only other items on the top of this part include two more antique bottles and another small dragon bead that was repainted - it used to be a gaudy green and yellow.

The hook on this side holds a sprig of thyme. I wanted some drying herbs, so I pinched a small bit from my plant on the deck and wound a piece of baker's twine around it (after colouring orange with Copics) and hung it from the Tim Holtz fastener re-formed into a hook.

There are only 8 bottles in this section that are labelled and filled:

Wool Of Bat - Yep, that's real wool alright - however, it's sheep, not BAT wool... from dear Sarah at Punkin's Patch.
Flesh Eating Slug Repellant - Another Harry Potter reference... Hagrid always had a good supply on hand. This was the first potion I mixed up; alcohol hand sanitizer with green alcohol ink.
Snakeskin - Okay, it's actually glue imprints of MY skin. As I was adhering labels and getting really messy, I thought it would be cool to peel off my fingerprints in the dried glue for some neat effects.
Bubotuber Pus (Undiluted) - Simply alcohol sanitizer and orange alcohol ink.

The final four in this part:

Bat Spleen - This time I poured small drops of glue on my Ranger craft mat and let them dry overnight. Then I inked them with their Eggplant dye, rolled them up and popped them into this tall tube.
Griffin Bone - Being a Gryffindor at Pottermore, I wanted to make this ingredient extra special. So I added a crystal to the silver-painted cork and filled the bottle with Martha Stewart Extra Fine White Glitter. Love the shimmer!
Purple Potion - a mysterious concoction in a real laboratory 10ml flask. A mixture of alcohol sanitizer and purple Copic refill ink.
Witches Brew - I added a silver base to this bottle and adhered a metallic marble for the stopper. Black and silver acrylic paint was layered on the inside and also painted for a striped effect on the drip making its way down the outside of the bottle.

One more post to go to complete this project... up next, the center section.


  1. Very fun! I loved seeing your spooky bottles!

    1. Thanks Patty! Glad you could stop by to see it!

  2. The thought and creativity you put in to each one of these tiny creations is astounding!

    1. Oh you are very sweet to say, Kathy. It was loads of fun to work on!

  3. Replies
    1. Ha! Well, the labels definitely helped decide what to put in them. Coming up with suitable alternatives was simply a fun problem to solve!

  4. I enjoy reading about all your potions. My husband has read all the Harry Potter books and I love showing him your posts. Great!!! :-)

    1. Oh, that is so cool.... I do love Harry Potter too! It was fun to create a grown-up tribute to the series.

  5. I had to show the husband as well. At first he thinks my ideas are a bit wonky but then he starts tossing out some of his own.
    You have given me the urge to reread some favorite novels and series and take notes on all of the mentioned potions!

    1. Awesome! I am glad you are enjoying my project. Thank you for your very kind words!

  6. Did you seal the lids somehow? I have wanted to do something like this for a few halloweens and I am nervous about storage of the liquids. I though about hot glue around the corks but im not sure it would look nice enough...might ooze out if I put too much or leak if it dries too fast in an area before I place the cork. I also thought of just making empty jars from the little colored ones at Hobby Lobby and using a dark alcutside to make them look old


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