Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nothing Goes To Waste

I share my Victorian Studio with two of my daughter's birdies, since she moved out last year and they aren't allowed in her apartment. Each one is fed special parrot and budgie seed mixes; but being finicky things, pick out all their favorite parts and leave much of it sitting in their bowls untouched.

Not one to waste anything, when I change their food I dump the leftovers into my large vintage Crown mason jar and take it out to my deck to feed the wild birds and bunnies (along with bread ends and pea pod shells after treating the birds with raw peas).

At least they're not finicky - they LOVE it!

Not soon after filling the wooden bowl on the deck and a bird feeder on the patio table, the guests arrive and the feast begins.

Here's the view out my bedroom window this morning -- photos were taken through a pane of glass and a screen, so I apologize that they are not super crisp. Click to biggify.

Awwww... my cute friend who lives under the deck is back.

Hey now... the BOWL is where your food is! Not my new planter and young marigolds!

Aw crap, now our friendly neighborhood squirrel has joined the "Party In The Planter".

Red Squirrel:  "Whatcha doin' rabbit?"

Mischief Rabbit:  "Munching."

Red Squirrel:  "On what? You ate most of the seeds in the bowl!"

Mischief Rabbit:  "Plants." Nom, nom. "They're yummy too!"

If I wasn't half-dressed, getting ready for work and snapping photos I would have gone out and shooed him from my planter....

Oh who am I kidding. No I wouldn't.


I guess I can always buy new flowers...

AFTER I raise that planter up a titch higher, that is...


  1. Party time in your planter. They're sure cute and know where to get a good meal.

    1. Yep, I do keep the wildlife in our yard fed. All our old bread gets chucked back there and within minutes, it's gone! Since we have a large yard with lots of trees, there are also lots of critters - just the way I love it!

  2. Awww! I love little woodland creatures!!!! Bunnehs are so cute!!!

    1. Yep! They are far too cute - they get away with all kinds of mischief. But I love to watch them; so do our cats (from indoors, that is - they don't go outside!)

  3. cute...just keep giving them things to munch on...they are cuter than marigolds anyways...although, I do love bunchy marigolds!!

    1. They ARE cuter than flowers! I do love a garden; but I love little furry friends more.


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