Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thrifty Finds This Week

It was a good week for thrifty hunting... I found treasures from my local second-hand shop, Goodwill and Value Village!

First, I couldn't believe I found this great picnic basket (lined with blue and white gingham!) at Goodwill for a mere $3! I found this the day before Halloween; I'll bet more than one person thought I was getting this for a Dorothy (from Oz) costume. Nope - no Toto! This will be perfect to hold my current cross stitch project in.

Those two silver salt and peppers were the most expensive thing I bought this week. I found them at Value Village for a whole $5; but they are beautiful and heavy.

I don't think I've ever seen a silver creamer with a lid before - this one was so ornate, I just HAD to add it to my collection, especially since it was only $4 from a local second hand shop!

The silver tray it's sitting on was a great find for a dollar at Goodwill. I love the feet! But I have so many of these trays, you'd think I'd resist... what the heck will I use it for?

Oh silly me... of course! Left-over Halloween candy! Doh!

Today during my lunch-hour walk I got this from Goodwill for only $2. But sorry to say, the teddy and writing will have to go.... I got it for that great aged board that measures about 20" x 8.5":

I just LOVE the patina on this -- but once the Christmas decor has been removed, what would YOU do with it? I still have to decide! Help!

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  1. You go to the same stores I do, thou you know we Village girls ( all the thrifter women in my family) loving call Value Village, The Village...!

    Good job on your finds!

    Jan @ The Pink Geranium

  2. i love your basket...what wonderful bargains!

  3. Love all of your treasures. Love the basket and the silver tray with the feet. Thrifting is such fun isn't it?

  4. Very nice!! I saw a really great silver tray at a yard sale last weekend and thought of you. I almost bought it but I really just don't have room in this wee house.

  5. How can I say this politely...I would KILL for that basket. Have been looking for one for years. Nice! :)

  6. Wow, lots of beautiful treasures! But, I have to say, that silver creamer is just gorgoeus! Thank you for sharing at TTF. Have a terrific weekend!


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