Saturday, November 24, 2012

Those Are FREE? Really??

A few weeks back while I was picking up a silver creamer at a local second-hand store (a small shop that "de-clutters" people's homes and sells what they are given), I noticed a large trunk on the floor by the cashier. The lid was open and inside were bags, small boxes and tissue paper. A hand-written note taped to the trunk said "FREE!"

Awesome! So I began to dig around, finding it was filled with vintage Christmas items. I pulled out a swag of artificial pine greenery with ribbon, gold rope and pine cones. Next I spotted a toy wooden sled in a white plastic bag.

Then feeling guilty and a tad greedy, I realized perhaps I was only supposed to help myself to ONE item for free...

So I asked the lady at the register... "Should I only be taking one item?"

"Oh no, please take as much as you want. That's stuff that we can't sell as it is damaged. Help yourself to whatever you want!"

Wonderful! I told her I had a flashback to the kid's treasure trunk at Red Lobster - with me always reminding my daughter to take just ONE toy....

She laughed as I dug in once more to find this:

Yep. Tiny Japanese glass ornaments still in their original box and tissue... I was thrilled and a bit surprised they weren't in fact, damaged at all!

Then I read over at Denise's Spittin Toad blog her brilliant post about framing vintage ornaments. Perfect! What a great way to display these treasures!

I got out a shadow box frame I had brought home from Value Village a few months back - I knew I would find something neat to display in it.

So out poor Blue Boy went...

... and in went some scrapbook paper for a holiday background. Then I hung each ornament on gold thread after a small dab of E6000 glue was placed on the ornament caps to make sure they wouldn't slip off.

So for the just a few dollars for the frame, I have a great vintage Christmas decoration!
Thank you so much Denise for the inspiration!

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  1. Love this! How awesome to get those beautiful ornaments for free!

  2. How cute it this? Wow and free ~ love Value Village ;-)

  3. Thanks Susan! Yes, I was amazed to find when researching these ornaments, that the pink "tea / coffee pot" alone sold for $15!

    Thanks Vintage Gal... I like to go to a variety of shops, this little Mom & Pop store, Goodwill and Value Village. Each one is always different!

  4. That is fabulous!!!! How did you attach the threads to the frame? What a great find, those decorations!!!!! Love that stuff.

  5. Thanks JoJo! The frame is actually TWO frames; I just had to separate them (it is very old and they were nailed together!) and I wrapped the threads up over the top of the inside frame, taped them secure and then popped it all in the outside frame! Worked like a charm!

  6. Awesome free treasures! Sweet idea to hang them inside a frame.
    Nice "antique" sign too!

  7. It never hurts to dig!! Fantastic finds!

  8. Maureen,
    It turned out lovey!! Thanks for giving me credit in your post!! My daughter still has to finish hers and then I'll post some more. :)
    Happy Holidays!

  9. This is so unique and creative - I love it! Thanks for sharing this lovely idea. Have a wonderful day!


  10. What a fabulous find!!! And such a clever way to display your new lovelies!!


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