Monday, September 10, 2012


Remember these?

If you didn't read THIS post, the short-story is that I acquired these four frames last month with plans to decorate my studio with them. I knew I was going to do something with the largest painting (the roses), as it wasn't a painting at all, but a print - yes, a nice picture, but it was the incredible old frame I really wanted.

Well, I transformed it into this:

I purchased a nice thick piece of corkboard at Michael's and glued it on with E6000, adding two wooden border trims to fill in the top and bottom. I love that I can pin all sorts of old treasures to it and that it suits my decor much better than the plain-framed boards I used to have.

Probably one of the easiest projects I have undertaken!

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  1. A fantastic alternation!!! Love the cork idea and the frame is stunning! :D Good luck with the rest of these! Isnt it nice that you buy one beautiful thing and make it even better? In your gorgeous studio it will look stunning!


  2. Thank you Jo-Jo and Katherine! You are right Katherine -- it is a gorgeous frame; sad to see the roses go, but on close inspection it was just a cheap print ;)


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