Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Not A New Collection... really

It would be way too easy to start a whole collection of Crown jars; there are so many variations it's tempting to get a sample of each type. Yes, I started out with the seven awesome pieces just last week; but last Monday I purchased something that I just couldn't pass up. A mere four days later, my eBay prize arrived from Ontario to my doorstep here in Winnipeg:

Yes, my 8th Crown Jar. But I had to have it. Not because it is another undated (ie. early piece) in a beautiful aqua colour. Nope.

Not because it had a different top than my other ones; marked with "Hamilton Glass Co. Hamilton Ont."

Uh uh.

Not even because it is a jar from the old Canadian department store "Eaton's" (marked by the diamond with the letter E on the reverse).

Nope... not even that.

It was because it also was stamped with "Toronto and Winnipeg" on the back too.

And ESPECIALLY because of the "error"... can you spot it?

Perhaps a closer look will help:

Yep... this jar DEFINITELY belongs here in my home town!


  1. I remember summers on the farm filling jars very similar to this one with cherries, peaches and apricots that my relatives brought when they visited from BC. I hated it at the time (teenagers would rather do other things than can fruit) but what a great memory now!

    and yes...after all the screw-ups surrounding Winnipeg, OT..what a find!:)

  2. That's really neat and those backwards Ns might make that glass worth a lot more. Did you ever look it up to see about mistakes?

  3. jars jars jars!!! :D Love the one you found!



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