Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Minnesota Antiquing

What a wonderful week! Daughter and I returned home after five days of shopping in the U.S. - not only at the Mall of America and IKEA this time, but we finally did something I have wanted to do on previous trips to Minnesota... hit the antique shops of Moorhead, Albertville and Buffalo!

Ahhhh.... the musty smell of old furniture and ancient treasures hit us as we entered each store

We must have walked miles up and down crowded aisles, digging for items that spoke to us

"Bring us home!"

The Antique Malls were sprawling feasts for the eyes; even the small shops had surprises to be discovered... and in each and every one, fans were humming; attempting to circulate the hot humid air

Prices were reasonable and a few great deals were found

Even a few vintage holiday items were just waiting for me to add them to my collections

A few primitives, some rusty metals, sweet old baby shoes - lots of wood!

Old cabinets brought a huge smile to my face and were perfect to transport the delicate "smalls" home

Now comes the fun task of finding the perfect place for each and every treasure in my studio!

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  1. You bought such a wonderful things! I love that kind of shops:). I like to visit your blog! Kisses

  2. Oh Maureen! I adore your finds!!! How much fun you both must have had! :D I have a ruler and a fan that look a bit like yours. :) The small cabinet thingie is fantastic!


  3. Excellent finds and I covet that printer's tray!!! Oh the altered art I could make with that!

  4. I could have met you at the Mall Of America!!!Maybe next time!
    Great finds and I bet you did have a great time shopping!

  5. How wonderful that you have a daughter who shares your passion:) Glad you had such a terrific time!

  6. So much antique-ing fun!

    Popped in from Time Travel Thursday.

  7. My O MY!!

    So many great finds!! I have had good luck this week at the thrift stores. If you have time, drop by to see my goodies!!


  8. Ah looks like you were on a treasure hunt and found alot of it! :)

  9. I love every item in that display. It would have been an expensive trip for me 'cause I would want it all.

  10. Thank you Renia! You are too sweet!

    Kasia: I was so pleased to have found the cabinet... I saw it on their website and was amazed to find it still there waiting for me!

    Jo-Jo: That's my third printer's tray; and a smaller version I want to keep on my desktop for small goodies...

    Oh Deb! Yes, that would have been cool! Daughter and I were running from place to place trying to squeeze in every shop we could in our short time there. Maybe next time I head down there we can plan to meet up!

    Thank you Dez! I am lucky; I have definitely given her the "repurposing / antiquing bug"... she picked up a few old treasures of her own!

    Welcome and thank you for popping by Tami!

    Debbie! I will definitely stop by!

    I did find a lot of treasures to be sure Debra - such fun!

    Stephanie: That's not a store display -- that's the haul I took home with me! (And believe me, there was a LOT more I would have added to the pile if I could)!


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