Sunday, July 1, 2012


When perusing the aisles at the local thrift store, sometimes I find an item that not only needs rescuing, but is in dire need of some TLC too. During a recent visit I thought I had found a great small old frame with a deep set window box, but sadly three of the four corners were damaged (two were knocked right off and a third was missing a chunk and cracked).

But I saw potential, and laid out the $2 assuring the clerk that yes, I DID know it was defective but that I was going to repair it.

I don't think she believed me.

To be honest, I didn't know if I believed me either. But if I couldn't fix it up, I would only be out a pittance...

The frame measures 6" by 7" and featured teenie tiny shells glued into flower shapes on a black velvet background - which I hung onto for another potential project in the future. On the back of the frame was "1943" written in pencil; yep, nearly 70 years old.

So I dug out my Sculpey modeling clay (which I haven't used in YEARS, but was still perfect!) and sculpted three new corners - luckily I had at least one to use as a reference. Just like I did when I made sculptured toys many moons ago, I hardened the clay by tipping the corners into boiling water.

Next I painted the frame with blackened bronze craft finish and rubbed gold Perfect Pearls to highlight.

I layered the background with burlap, then some lace. Using E6000, I attached five antique keys.

A better view of the lace
In a few hours, using supplies and trinkets already on hand, I guess I didn't waste that two dollar investment after all!


  1. You save the day yet again!!! AMAZING! :D You did a fantastic job!


  2. You did a fab job. Those shell flowers though, they could be worth a lot of money. Don't discard them. Shell art was done by sailors for their family and wives, and is highly collectible.

  3. Thank you Kasia! Luckily, I had time this weekend to cool off in my basement studio as it was blazing hot outside.... allowing me time to craft!

    JoJo: I will be sure to reuse those shells. I was able to easily slip the velvet backing right off the board as it wasn't even glued down. All the shells are still intact save two that had fallen off previously. I'll have to think of something special to do with them! Thanks!

  4. You did a great job patching up the frame, and I love the burlap with the lace behind the keys !

  5. Thank you Fiona and welcome! Your frames are an inspiration - must try displaying them like you have!


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