Saturday, July 28, 2012

Three Cards And A New Display

Catching up with some creations made in the last month or so. Here are three cards I created for people at work and a local friend:

A Tilda card for a friend who likes Maggies!
Birthday card for a lady at work... I added pearls and lace - not something I have done much of

Here's another Magnolia image: Pirate Edwin. However, everything else on this card is mine. I drew the parrot, treasure map and barrels; they are digital images from the "Pirates Ahoy" set on my Digidrawn site.

Pirate card
As usual, I coloured these images in with Copics; my go-to medium for both rubber and digital stamps.

Oh, and here is something I was STOKED to find a few weeks back... an 18 slot paper tray at the thrift store! I had to move a few things about in the studio to fit it in, but now I can display and sort my plain cardstock so much better:

And the best part? Um, yeah; the price! With my 30% off coupon, this baby set me back a mere $3.50! At that price, there was no way I was leaving it at the store... even though I never thought I'd find a place to put it!

Where there's a will, there's a way...


  1. Beautiful cards! You are so gifted. :)

  2. Nice paper holder! Awesome cards! The lace and pearls are perfect on the card.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hear hear to that! Im with you on that deal, it is fantastic!!! Not to mention your creations! Wow girl! :D I think you have so much talent! I love love your cards!


  4. Amazing cards...I second JoJo's comment. I still have the one I was surprised with in St.Vital Center one "Christmas Miracle" several years ago:)A kind and beautiful gesture!


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