Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Few Things

This week I found quite a few wonderful things using another "30% off everything coupon" at the thrift store.

Some china things:

Fine bone china demi tasse and parakeet were the most expensive
items of the week at $15 each.
The small bird was a mere $2

Some kitchen things:

The uber-cute swan cookie jar (I use it to store tea) was $6
and awesome Japanese cow cream and sugar $2
(I've always wanted a set of these!)

Some garden things:

Wood basket and squirrel were a just a buck apiece.
The adorable ducks planter $3

And even a few shiny things for my Studio:

The English confectionery box in the back has a lion head on the top;
so I HAD to have it at $5.
The silver coffeepot was $6, silver cream and sugar on stand $3,
$1.50 for the silver tray, 30 cents for the salt shaker, $2 for the frame
and $10 for the railway pocket watch.

Thrifting... It's A Good Thing.

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  1. More great cow collecting friend in WA would covet the cream/sugar set.

  2. Oh I love that beautiful blue and white china cup!!

  3. Lucky lucky lucky!!!! I LOVE the silverware, oh I love everything!!!
    The parrot is too cute! :D


  4. Lots of fun and pretty thrifted treasures! The cup and saucer are wonderful. And all that silver makes me drool! Love old silver!

  5. Thanks Jo-Jo! I had a co-worker who collected anything "cow"... her office was filled with them! Too cute!

    Susan: Thank you! I really don't collect china, but this spoke to me and I had to bring it home...

    Katherine: The parrot is in PERFECT condition and so delicate and well painted, I didn't mind paying a whole $15 for it! ;)

    Diann: I love old silver too! I now am using the coffeepot to store old rulers... looks kinda neat!

  6. What a gorgeous site, Maureen! That watch is BANGING, btw:)

  7. Thanks Dez! I used to work on the Prairie Dog Central, so I have a few railroad themed items I must put together in a vignette...

  8. Such fabulous finds! The silver is amazing! So happy you linked to Potpourri Friday! Hope you will make it a weekly party stop!

  9. The pocket watch is an amazing find! WOW! Great's so much fun to shop for vintage things!

  10. Hi Maureen! I am back to let you know that I am going to feature this post in this week's TTF party! I hope to see you again and stop by and grab the "I was featured" button for your blog! I hope you are having a great day!


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