Friday, July 6, 2012

Damn I'm Lucky

Lucky to have found some great new pieces for my Studio on Friday.

Lucky that I could use a 30% off my ENTIRE purchase coupon at the thrift store when I bought this lot. Making a good deal even greater.

Lucky that I still could find somewhere to actually display them in said Studio by moving a few things around.

Lucky as heck that when I discovered that a heavy metal lion head decoration had fallen off the wall, landing ON the mirrored tray, knocking over the perfect-condition Prince Albert Fine Bone China silver cup and saucer in the process...

Recreation of the crime scene...
my heart fell when I discovered this -
a mere day after bringing these treasures home

and NOTHING broke.


Not even a chip or crack in the tray or the china.

Damn, I AM lucky.


  1. As usual you snagged treasures!!! The glass plate is fantastic and Im in love with the teacup, technically, its all to die for! :)


  2. That is lucky! Great new finds.


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