Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Few New Things

Whew! What a week! I want to thank all the wonderful people who left such kind comments on my last post "Where This Blogger Creates". I've never had triple-digit comments on this blog before and the response to my room tour is frankly overwhelming. I believe I have emailed each and every one of you who left a note, if there were any I missed, may I say now "Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave such sweet comments!".

This week I have placed myself on a Thrift Store Diet. I am saving up for a trip to the US with dear daughter at the beginning of August and we are planning on some serious antique shopping sprees. Fingers crossed that we'll find some wonderful treasures to show you upon our return!

In the meantime, here are some goodies I found a few weeks back but never posted...

A few more doilies (can you ever have too many?) for a buck apiece, two frames at $2 each, a family of birds to be tucked into the foliage of my deck garden was $3, the cardinal (a dollar) is now on my desk modelling some pearl strands and old keys. The pink birds for a dollar will be transformed from salt and pepper shakers in a future post. More silver! Two crystal S&Ps ($2), eight matching Mexican hallmarked S&Ps ($2 each), and a wonderfully ornate sugar bowl for just $5.

Two more items for my deck garden. The planter was $2, the cast iron bird feeder $4

Do you recall the awesome cow creamer and sugar I found a few weeks back? I picked them up at a Value Village on the east side of town. A week later while shopping at a different Value Village on the WEST side of town, what should I find?


Perfect condition, including stoppers for a mere $3

Well, holy crap! The matching salt and pepper shakers!!! How cool is that? I have never seen these before, and within a week I find a whole family of bovines.


They look so happy to be all together... makes me wonder if they were donated by the same person, but shipped to different outlets.

If they could only regale us with the story; but for now they are keeping mum.... ;)

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  1. Excellent finds again! Have fun on your trip to MN. :)

  2. Oh WOW you have great finds. I must go visit our charity shops to see what I can find, Thanks for sharing, Hazelx

  3. Oh WOW you have great finds. I must go visit our charity shops to see what I can find, Thanks for sharing, Hazelx

  4. Beautiful here. I will visit you because I really like your blog. I love those things, witch you show. I love cows:).Kisses

  5. What awesome finds! You have my taste in thrifting items!

  6. Ohhh pretty stuff!!! I hope you guys get the BEST goodies on your hunt! :)


  7. Great treasures!! I have enjoyed visiting your blog and have added myself to your followers! Hugs!

  8. Some neat finds there. You had me with the bovine pic. I had to come over from Thrifty Groove. I agree, I bet they were donated by the same person.
    My daughter once purchased some very cute placemats for me at a thrift. She always checks out the linens VERY well. About six weeks later she was in the same shop and found the matching napkins. We thought they were probably put into a large bin somewhere and got separated.
    Enjoyed your post, Ginger

  9. That is so awesome to find the other cow accessories! And I am in love with the sugar bowl! Thank you for sharing this with us last week at TTF. I hope you are having a terrific week!


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