Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ten, Count 'Em, TEN Cards!

With all my updates on the progress of my studio, I'm sure it seems like I never actually DO any creating in it.
Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, over the past few weeks, I have been impersonating a Card-Making-Machine. From Father's Day to co-worker's birthdays, I have made the following TEN cards:

A Magnolia (Tilda) going-away card for a co-worker

A wedding shower card for a secretary at work

Another co-worker card: this time for someone going for surgery

Birthday card for a secretary who loves cats (like me!)

Yet another birthday card for a secretary at the office

Tilda card for a friend's birthday

Swap card to the US: had to have a lion on it
I used TH Distress Ink with water for the background

Another swap card to the US: had to have a Western theme
These are 2 Magnolia mini stamps: Tilda and horse

Father's Day cards for Grandpa and Hubby with sentiments inside
"In the game of life, you're the King!" and "You're the King of Hearts!"

So there. Proof I DO actually use my studio to create something besides staining drawers, painting shelves and re-decorating the room.... ;P


  1. Your cards are stunning! I love them to bits! The people who will get these will be thrilled! :D


  2. Beautiful cards! I've slacked off on mine b/c my supplies are still in a box. I have no room to spread out.

  3. Thank you Kasia... it is always so great to hear that people appreciate them!

    JoJo: Oh, I hope one day you can get your supplies out and get back to it!


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