Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Patience IS a Virtue

As I have mentioned before, just blocks away from my office at the hospital are both a thrift store and an antique store. So when I feel the burning need to spend some money, stretch my legs and get some fresh air, I take a walk over to shop during my lunch hour; a routine I've run for months. Last fall whilst in the antique shop, I spied a small funky black and gold colour stapler sitting BEHIND the cash desk.  It was beautiful and I thought it would look great in my new vintage studio so I asked and was informed it wasn't for sale.


Over the next six months, every time I went in, I saw that stapler.... still sitting there calling my name. I inquired every single time if it was for sale yet (as it always seemed to be someone different working that day). Each time, the same answer. No. I even left my business card in case the owner ever decided to sell it.

I never got a call.

Because it was such a glorious Spring day today, I again tore my blurry eyes from my computer screen and walked over to the antique store. Again, I was greeted by yet another person working there. I found three antique wooden sewing table drawers, but they weren't priced. So I asked her how much, and she said to just make an offer. I offered and she accepted, $ 15 for all three. Awesome!

While she rang me up, again I spotted that same black stapler; still sitting in the same protected spot behind the till. I asked my question yet again, expecting the same old response. Except this time, I realized SHE was the owner! She said it could be for sale, and to make an offer.

"I'll give you $20 for it!" I couldn't believe my luck when she responded with, "Well, it's been a really slow day and I am in a good mood. SOLD!"

Yipee!!! It was FINALLY MINE! After months and months (and months) of yearning for that beautiful piece, I finally had it. Isn't it cool???

When I got back to the office, I still had a few minutes, so I decided to check online to see how old it was. I thought it was a vintage piece... but no, it was modern. Oh well, I thought. I hope I didn't pay too much for it! So I checked eBay.

Holy crap.

23 Kt GOLD????? No way. But even if this guy had already sold three... it COULDN'T be worth $100 more than I paid for it. Could it?

I checked Amazon.

Holy crap again. 

Checked some more.

Holy crapoly... 

I sourced the company... yep. 23 Kt GOLD alright. A Spanish stapler that is considered to be the finest in the world.

I have a freakin' GOLD stapler.

For 20 bucks.

I even loaded it up with standard staples and it worked perfectly! I could hardly wait to get it home in my studio.

Daughter wants to melt it down for jewelry.

No way. I've waited way too long for this baby; I am going to treasure it forever and staple VERY, VERY CAREFULLY....


  1. You struck gold! Wow, your persistence really paid off. I'd being eyeing that beauty too and it's a good thing the owner was finally there to give you such a great deal.

  2. Ohhhh my goodness!!! Arent you the LUCKIEST!? Congrats girl!!! This is just the most wonderful thing! Im so jelling over this! Its stunning! Happy stapling! :)


  3. Betsy: Yes, I was really amazed I finally was able to get it! I love it!

    Kasia: I AM the luckiest! :D

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  5. Don't let your daughter touch it!! I think it is way cool, even before I saw what it is worth!!


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