Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some New Acquisitions

I haven't done a post on my Studio Tour series in awhile, however I have purchased a few neat items in the past week to decorate my room, so I'll share some photos of my recent finds:

The first is an item I have wanted for a long, long time. I finally found one at a decent price in pretty fair condition. This candlestick phone came with both the original cords and was patented by Kellogg S&S Co. Chicago, from 1901 - 1908. This sucker is heavy -- and I LOVE it!

The next group of goodies includes a silver flower vase with removable frog from England. I also got a Victorian magnifying glass with carved wooden handle. I love the silver decoration on it; I can't decide if it's a bat or just a design... the seller thought it was a butterfly. I also bought a few vintage postcards so I can scan them for some upcoming artwork.

Today I purchased this group of antiques; the sheep was a great cheap find; it is so cute, made of wood and fiber with red ribbons on it's head and tail! A ring of vintage small keys were just what I wanted, and ten more postcards from over a century ago were a steal at a dollar apiece.. especially the ones with the metal embellishments.

The small leather book you see in that picture above is a Victorian photo album. Even though it is in a bit of rough shape (one clasp is missing and the binding is cracked), I got it at half the listed price. Good thing I know my antique dealer well ;)

The tooling on the cover is lovely; along with the white brads and brass clasps. Here's the first page with a great typeset:

Here are the inside pages; small photos would have slid into each page from the bottom. I am hoping to either collect old photos or perhaps I'll make really small pieces of artwork to add to each page... I haven't decided yet! In the meantime, this is a really nice gilt-edged book that looks great on display.

Here is the last, or Index page.

I LOVE finding old items to add to my Victorian Studio; I never know just what I'll discover when on the hunt!


  1. I love your sweet finds my dear! And that happy feeling when you come home with treasures! :D Lovely!


  2. Thank you Kasia! Yes, it is a great feeling to find something you can repurpose / love again! That sheep was something I grabbed as soon as I saw it; I have seen that type on someone else's blog; I need to find it again. I think it is German (er, the sheep, not the blog!)

  3. You are so lucky girl! Toronto is evil when it comes to finding stuff like this! You really have to look around... Youre lucky you live so far off, you'd have me there in your studio too lol



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