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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Vampires and Vampyres

Oh October! It's a busy month, but lots of fun too; my favorite time of the year.

I was spoiled on the third with birthday gifts of a yarny nature (natch), we hosted a Thanksgiving family dinner last weekend and today is my parent's 66th Anniversary! I can't believe Halloween is only two weeks away...

Speaking of which, my latest knitting project has a goulish connection: it's called the "Vampyre Shawl" because of the cool bat-like shape. I sent away to Germany for special rainbow wool just for this project; that has a very long, smooth transition between colours. I had never ordered yarn online before, but it was so cheap and quick, I am sure it won't be my last! It came in a huge skein; I separated it into balls of one complete rainbow each and got almost three individual balls and began on one "wing" of the pattern:

I learned a new technique on called "short rows" in order to get the curved effect:

Because I wanted to have the wings match, instead of continuing to follow the pattern straight through to the right wing, I cast off on scrap yarn so I could begin again at the tip of the other side. However, I had to make sure it would curve the correct way, so I reversed all the knits to purls and purls to knits from the left wing and it worked! Six attempts later, I was able to match up the colours (since the transition zones are so long, it was difficult to determine exactly where to begin). After completing the right wing, I watched a YouTube video to show me how to attach two sides of live stitches so they looked knitted together.

Once it was blocked, the shape and colours really ended up turning out beautifully. Even the pattern's designer was impressed and asked to post my project to their Facebook page!

Speaking of transitions and vampires, now I really need to replace my Thanksgiving decor with some spooky Halloween trappings!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tim Holtz Tags of 2014 - September

It's that time again! Wow, September (and all of 2014 really), has been just flying by! Another month, another tag to attempt.

And when I say "attempt", I mean it.

This month's tag should be titled "Making Lemonade From Lemons". You see, I try to learn the techniques Tim demonstrates each month... that's the purpose of these things, after all. Yet this month, I'll be danged if I could get the background effect he created with his alcohol inks and blending solution. It's not his fault, but mine - I didn't have the exact supplies on hand and left it too late this month to acquire them. So I tried the best I could with what I had on hand. The result? Well, three failed attempts at the proper backgrounds; first in yellow, then red, then green.

But being the cheapskate, er 'thrifty' person I am, instead of chucking my failures, I repurposed them in other ways. Yep. Making lemonade indeed.The red and yellow became the basis for my butterflies and the green my new background.

I stamped the yellow and red glossy papers with Tim's script stamp in archival ink. The green sheets were cut to size and inked on the edge with Walnut Stain.

Since I also didn't have Tim's newest butterfly die, I used his "Butterflight" On The Edge die and cut them out into individual insects.

I decided to ink the edges of them too - I love the difference this little step makes!

As usual, I was making two tags; one for me and one for a display at the Scrapbook Cottage. I used Ranger's Archival ink to stamp the plants at the bottom of each card and glued them to black tags I cut with Tim's Tag die.

After attaching the butterflies with Glossy Accents, I added rub-ons from Tim's Botanical Remnant Rubs - the glossy paper really grabbed these - I had to be careful to position them just so as there was no second chance to fix them if I screwed up.

Actually, I think I love the blurry background with the jet black stamped images...

Come to think of it, I love lemonade too! ;)

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