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Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter!

Well, here it is the holiday long weekend - I am preparing to host the family Easter dinner Sunday night so I've been busy with decorating and getting things together.

Each season I like to make something special for the holiday dinner table; this year since I am learning to knit, I thought I would try some knitted Easter Eggs! 

I began by purchasing some paper mache eggs for forms.

I gave each one two coats of white acrylic paint so the brown wouldn't show through the stitches.

Next I got to knitting. I found a pattern on Ravelry, but it was far too large for these eggs, so I modified it to fit. I began with cotton as the pattern suggested - but this was too stiff for my liking; I ended up picking up more springy acrylic which worked so much better. I made seven with variegated baby yarn for each guest's place setting.

After each one was finished flat, I sewed them up over the egg form.

I then bought some solid colours and received perfect pastel yarn-ends from my mom who is de-stashing her craft supplies. Now I could try my hand at designing my own patterns using Excel to map the colours.

I finished enough to fill a beautiful crystal bowl (from my mom too) for our Easter table.

Now I must get to cleaning, cooking and baking. Good thing Monday is a holiday for me; I'm looking forward to relaxing, visiting a few blogs and getting back to some paper crafts after a busy weekend.

Happy Easter everyone!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Game Of Thrones Inspiration

It's been a long wait; nearly a year in fact.

Hubby and I started watching Game Of Thrones early in 2013 after I gave him Season One for Christmas 2012. After the first ten episodes we were hooked; we tore through Season Two then watched Season Three whilst it aired on HBO last March. When that was over (much too quickly), it seemed like April 2014 was so far off...

But here we were; finally at the weekend of Season Four's premiere!

In preparation for this momentous occasion, we decided to have a GOT marathon. However, I was surely not committed to spending hours on end without something productive to do... so I went into my stash of wool and pulled out 11 skeins that would eventually become a thick comfy throw.

While we only got half-way through the first three seasons (well, life does get in the way of 30 solid hours of epic betrayal, dragons, gore, magic, sex, evil, wolves and numerous sword fights) I am just completing my third skein in my GOT throw (62" wide and 20" long so far):

I felt like Old Nan clicking away...

Good thing I recorded the Season Four premiere... it looks like we need another weekend to finish our grand marathon. Then on to the current offerings of medieval mayhem.

Fingers crossed I finish my project by the end of this year's episodes.

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